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WHITE CONC Body Wash 360ml

WHITE CONC Body Wash 360ml

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Aim for a beautiful white body! Highly moisturizing body soap with the scent of yuzu.
From the number one sales body shampoo in the series, a limited edition of highly moisturizing type for winter skin is available.
Based on the request of many users who have no choice but to moisturize in winter, while keeping the skin moisturized.
The old keratin containing melanin is gently washed away to give the skin its original transparency.
A medicated body shampoo that aims for beautiful white skin.
A luxurious blend of moisturizing ingredients such as yuzu ceramide, 3 types of ceramide, and mugwort extract from Japanese and Chinese plants, making the skin moist and smooth when dry.
Foaming is good, and it is also recommended for those who are not good at sticky feeling.
A refreshing scent like yuzu fruit.

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