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ROMAND Glasting Water Tint

ROMAND Glasting Water Tint

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Highlighting your lips with a transparent and shiny water-gloss lip tint 

Long lasting based color separated from the gloss layer

Feeling moisturized without stickiness

#01 Coral Mist: A slightly pinkish shade for lively looking lips

#02 Red Drop: The prettiest lip shade regardless of undertones

#03 Brick River: A not too dark or too vivid shade that looks beautiful in all seasons

#04 Vintage Ocean: Alluring red that goes from chic to vintage

#05 Rose Splash: MLBB rose for cool undertones

#06 Purple Shower: Slightly purple plum shade which is a must-have for cool winter undertones

#07 Pink Valley: An irresistibly charming pink valley

#08 Rose Stream: Impeccable dried rose with an understated hue

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