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Pigeon Baby Foaming Shampoo 350ml

Pigeon Baby Foaming Shampoo 350ml

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A foam shampoo containing "Pigeon Baby Lipid (*)", a moisturizing ingredient similar to baby's vernix.
Do not remove too much sebum and leave moisture to wash.
Since it can be used from newborns, it is also recommended for the first bath time.

* Moisturizing ingredient: cholesteryl isostearate + ceramide 2.

Non-silicone shampoo that is hard to see.
Contains conditioning ingredients to make your baby's hair smoother.

A pump bottle that can be used with one hand. The tip of the pump is cut to make it easier to remove bubbles.
You can easily wash it with one hand, even while rubbing a baby whose neck does not sit.

Weakly acidic and uncolored. Paraben-free.
Skin irritation tested.
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