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Lion Smile Contact FineFit Contact Drops

Lion Smile Contact FineFit Contact Drops

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Lion Smile Contact Fine Fit Plus is a wetting solution for putting on soft or hard contact lenses easily.

Formulated with a moisture replenishing and gentle formula that helps eyes feel soothed, rehydrated and healthy. Moreover, this eyes contact lenses solution can help to reduce the formation of protein due to wearing contact lenses for long period of time.

It also, relieves dryness and irritation caused by dust, glare, pollen, air pollution or overwork, giving more comfortable lens wear all day long.

Directly put a few drops of Contact Fine Fit Plus solution on the contact lens before wearing it. Then, apply lens normally to your eyes.

This contact lens solution will form a protective layer on your cornea to avoid friction between your eyes and the contact lens.

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