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ETUDE HOUSE Therapy Air Mask

ETUDE HOUSE Therapy Air Mask

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An ultra-thin, best-selling sheet mask, available in a variety of options to treat skin concerns ranging from dehydration to dullness to aging.

ETUDE HOUSE 0.2 Therapy Air Mask is the brand's best-selling sheet mask suitable for daily use. It is available in many variants to address a range of skincare needs. Each mask is infused with a unique and naturally-derived essence to target specific skin concerns. There are three types of essences used to treat different skin conditions: water, ampoule, or emulsion. Whether you're looking for a brightening, hydrating, soothing, or anti-aging effect, there's an Air Therapy Mask for you!

Each sheet is only 0.2mm thin, so it adheres to the skin with ease and feels as light as air.

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