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DR.G Red Clear Moisture Toner 300ml

DR.G Red Clear Moisture Toner 300ml

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A light, soothing moisturization toner.
A wiping soothing toner that cares for keratin.
Suitable for the skin that needs both gentle exfoliation and soothing care at the same time, sensitive skin with rough and uneven texture, and skin that requires hydration and calming from the first step of skincare are suitable.
According to the reviews, the product shows a calming sensation on the skin at 99%, a moisturizing feeling at 96%, an overall satisfaction rate of 100%, and a gentle effect on the skin without irritation at 100%.
The skin sebum level has been shown to improve by 21% through human application tests.
Tested suitable for sensitive skin through human application tests, suitable for acne-prone skin through human application tests, skin irritation tests, and hypoallergenic tests, and proved to be designed for sensitive skin.

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