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Cecile Maia Hair Removal Cream

Cecile Maia Hair Removal Cream

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Most hair removal products in the market either leave your skin very dry or make the situation worse by making the new-grown hairs thicker and darker. CECILE MAIA Body Hair Removal prevents those unwanted situations from happening. It not only removes unwanted hairs from their roots, but also moistures your skin during the application. Most importantly, you only need to wait as short as 1 minute to remove the content after application!

How to use:

  • Please take a quarter amount of the content and put it on the inner side of your arm for 5 minutes to test if you are allergic to this product
  • After shower, while your body is still wet, apply a single layer of content (1-3mm thick) on the areas that have unwanted body hairs
  • Leave it on for 1-5 minutes depending on the length and thickness of your body hairs are (leave it longer if needed)
  • Use a towel/cotton pad to remove the content OR rinse it off with lukewarm water
Origin from Japan 

Contents: 200g

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